About Us

MJ GASKET - Develop Nonstop

Our Tagline Story

Just as the spirit of our tagline, MJ Gasket is always focusing on developing and exploring new areas that we can put our efforts into. We started our business in the early 1980s with supplying only heavy-duty engine gaskets. After 4 decades evolving, you can now find gaskets way more than heavy-duty engines, gaskets for different industries and various devices are available too. This is not the end of the list, the list will go on. We keep our heart open and embrace change at all times, hoping one day that we can make your gaskets come to live.

What makes us grow and be a reliable gasket supplier that can be trusted?
Very simple, we do things around our company Culture and the Seven Values.

“Develop Nonstop” reflects our spirit and culture, it represents our promise to our customers. They are the beliefs, base, and strength of our company. We combine Aftermarket Gasket and High Quality together, now they are just one step away from you.

MJ's Culture


To be the most advanced and largest gasket & sealing provider of superior quality to aftermarket companies and in partnership with them. To realize our vision, we have the following traits :

1. Be an enabler: Open-minded management style and keep all employees cooperating together to achieve the goals.
2. Treating customers as partners.
3. Learning organization: Learn it all, not just know it all.


To be the trusted gasket & sealing provider of the global sealing industry for years to come.


Integrity, Customer trust, Innovation, Constant and never-ending improvement, Embrace change, Keep curiosity, New technologies

Our Service

“Buy our gasket to get more bang for your bucks!”

– MJ Gasket

By Types

We provide various types of gaskets for every part of the engine such as cylinder head gasket, exhaust gasket, intake gasket and oil pan gasket whichever fits your needs. Not only that, we also offer gaskets for various engine-related devices.
Check out the product page “Types of Engine Gaskets” for full detail.

By Brands

No matter it is the North American trucks and construction machines, European marine equipment, or even the South American tractors. MJ offer gaskets for all different engine brands.
Check out the product page “Brands for Engine Gaskets” for full detail.

By Custom

MJ keeps expanding the knowledge of gasket materials to achieve the best sealing. We have various gasket materials ready to make your gaskets come alive, graphite, rubber, steel with advance coating and more.
All we need is your drawing or sample.
Check out materials’ full detail on our product page “Custom Gasket”.

MJ's Quality

Making High Quality Products Is Crucial

You can’t make the right products without the right materials and the right techniques. Jerry-building is not allowed. The combination of our materials and well-knowledged technicians makes MJ Gasket excellent at one thing – Providing High-Quality Products.
We’ve adopted new machinery (Image Dimension Measurement System) to assure the precision of our products and to enhance our quality control. As your best partner, MJ will keep pursuing the best quality, providing professional knowledge and expanding our product range.

Where Makes Everything Happen: The Factory & The Office

As a professional gasket manufacturer and supplier, we care about our factory environment. MJ factory is 42,696 sqft. There are 72 employees working on five injection sulfur machines and six press machines. Machines are maintained and adjusted regularly.
The environment of office space also plays a crucial role. MJ always creates a comfortable and relaxing office environment for our employees to be able to utilize their potential, gain better work performance and productivity.