MJ Gasket – APM 2024 Post Show Report

Blog 2024.04.02
20240401 APM 2024   Post Show Report

Exhibition Overview

Exhibition Dates: March 13th to 15th, 2024
Displayed Products: Replacement parts for Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets (PHE) including leading brands such as Alfa Laval, MTU, CAT, CUMMINS, and DETROIT DIESEL.


MJ Booth Product Showcase Highlight

Activities During the Exhibition:

We actively engaged in the Singapore APM Exhibition, a prominent event within the Asia-Pacific maritime industry. Throughout the exhibition, we showcased our flagship products and disseminated relevant information to attract attendees.

Our booth design captivated attention, drawing a significant number of visitors. Our dedicated team members interacted enthusiastically with visitors, addressing inquiries and providing detailed product insights. We capitalized on the exhibition platform to foster valuable connections with fellow exhibitors and industry professionals, facilitating discussions on potential collaborations and business partnerships.

Exhibition Achievements:

Our showcased products garnered substantial interest among attendees, particularly those featured on our website at PHE Gasket. Visitors expressed high commendations for the quality and technological sophistication of our offerings.

Meaningful dialogues with visitors enabled us to gather invaluable business insights and customer feedback, aiding in a nuanced understanding of market dynamics and informing our product and service enhancement strategies.

Next Steps:

We are committed to proactively following up on the contacts established during the exhibition, seeking to explore synergistic collaboration opportunities and formulate strategic business development initiatives.

Drawing from the feedback and discerned customer demands during the exhibition, we are poised to continuously refine our products and services, delivering elevated solutions tailored to meet evolving customer needs.

Save the Date for Our Next Exhibition – March 25th to 27th, 2026 at https://www.apmaritime.com

Frequently Asked Questions at APM 2024

We extend heartfelt appreciation to the organizers of the Singapore APM Exhibition and all fellow exhibitors for their collective efforts in ensuring the success of the event. Furthermore, we express sincere gratitude to all visitors who graced our booth with their presence, thank you for your keen interest and unwavering support for our products. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with you.

Lastly, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions from the event, which we’ll share below.

Q1. Do you have warehouses in the states?
A. No, our factory is located in Taiwan, and we ship gaskets directly from Taiwan.

Q2. Do you offer gaskets for automotive engines?
A. No, we primarily offer gaskets for heavy-duty engines and some pickup truck engines.

Q3. Do you have a catalog?
A. We post all our products on our website. Visit our Product Page or search the part numbers directly in the search bar.

More questions you may have, please visit our FAQ page, see you next year!