MJ Gasket Practices ESG: Cardboard Shredder Initiative

Blog 2024.01.03
MJ Gasket Practices ESG Cardboard Shredders Initiative

In recent years, global companies have been increasingly emphasizing the principles of environmental, social responsibility, and corporate governance (ESG) and actively seeking sustainable development strategies. As a manufacturer of aftermarket engine gaskets, MJ Gasket company is no exception. We are also moving in this direction and have adopted an innovative environmental measure: using a paper shredder machine to recycle and repurpose discarded cardboard boxes into corrugated paper with a wavy shape, which is used as cushioning material for packaging.

cardboard boxes into corrugated paper with a wavy shape

This initiative not only reflects MJ Gasket’s commitment to environmental protection, but also demonstrates our forward-thinking in corporate governance. By transforming discarded cardboard boxes into practical packaging materials, MJ Gasket effectively reduces waste generation and improves resource recycling rates. This not only saves costs, but also aligns with the environmental trends.

What does ESG mean?

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is a standard for assessing the non-financial performance and sustainable development capabilities of companies. It encompasses the following three main areas:

  • Environmental: This aspect focuses on the impact of companies on the environment. It includes, but is not limited to, greenhouse gas emissions, resource efficiency, waste management, pollution control, and biodiversity conservation.
  • Social: It involves the relationships between companies and their employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities they operate in. This includes labor standards, employee health and safety, product responsibility, community engagement, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Governance: It evaluates a company’s internal management, business practices, and corporate governance structure. This covers aspects such as corporate governance structure, board diversity, audit processes, transparency, and business ethics.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)
ESG assessment helps investors understand the long-term risks and opportunities of companies, especially those factors that may impact financial performance and corporate value. At the same time, ESG also provides important indicators for measuring corporate social responsibility performance for consumers and employees who are concerned about sustainable development.

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New member of MJ Gasket – “Cardboard Shredder”

Cardboard Shredder
Use a cardboard shredder to recycle discarded corrugated cardboard boxes into honeycomb-like or corrugated cushioning materials. This material is not only free and soft but also has excellent cushioning and protective properties. It is suitable for cushioning and protecting fragile products during transportation or for filling and securing partially filled boxes. The corrugated paper shredder uses advanced blade technology to process rigid cardboard into soft, mesh-like cushioning packaging material. It not only provides excellent cushioning protection but also offers more diverse packaging options. This self-made packaging material shredder has been widely used for many years and is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving choice.

Transforming discarded cardboard boxes into honeycomb or corrugated cushioning materials

Compared to traditional plastic packaging materials, the corrugated cushioning materials use recyclable paper, which can be 100% recycled and decomposed even after being discarded, thereby reducing environmental damage. In addition, the special structure of honeycomb paper makes it more resilient and less prone to tearing, allowing for repeated use. Compared to other environmentally friendly packaging materials, honeycomb paper has a greater advantage in impact resistance, improving the compressive strength of packaging materials and reducing the risk of goods damage.

The use of corrugated cushioning materials:

Flat netting, also known as cushioning padding, is widely used due to its unique structure and characteristics in the following situations:

  1. Transportation protection for fragile items: The structure of corrugated cushioning materials provides excellent cushioning effect, making it suitable for packaging fragile items such as various engine gaskets, glassware, and electronic products.
  2. Space filling: When the transported items cannot completely fill the shipping box, corrugated paper can be used to fill the remaining space to prevent items from moving or colliding during transportation. Gaskets often have irregular shapes, and it is necessary to use buffer packaging materials to avoid collisions. MJ Gasket attaches great importance to these small details to ensure that products can be delivered to customers smoothly.
  3. Environmentally conscious companies: Companies committed to pursuing environmental and sustainable development tend to use recyclable buffer packaging materials as alternatives to traditional plastic packaging materials.
  4. Logistics and warehousing: Due to its ease of storage and transportation (occupying less space when unfolded), corrugated paper is widely used in the field of logistics and warehousing.
  5. Custom packaging requirements: The diversity and flexibility of corrugated paper make it suitable for meeting customized packaging needs, especially for irregularly shaped or uniquely sized engine gaskets. This is particularly important.

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MJ Gasket will continue to strive towards integrating the concept of ESG into its business activities, aiming to co-create a better future for humanity.

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