Ford F150 EcoBoost 3.5L Turbo Gasket

Products 2021.11.17
Ford F150 EcoBoost 3.5L Turbo Gasket

Looking for aftermarket with OEM quality turbo gaskets for Ford EcoBoost 3.5L engine? If your answer is Yes, do not hesitate to contact us now!

Ford EcoBoost 3.5L is for one of the most popular trucks – F-150, the engine is equipped with BorgWarner twin turbo.

Turbos compress air flowing into cylinders for engine combustion and gain higher horsepower. Turbo is important to increase EcoBoost 3.5L performance, also the turbo gaskets are crucial for turbo working.

The materials for Ford EcoBoost 3.5 turbo gasket

  • Turbo Gasket (LH & RH): Stainless steel with reinforced graphite.
  • Turbo Oil Line Gasket: Rubber coated metal
  • Catalytic Converter Gasket: Multi-Layer Steel

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