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Uses of PTO Gasket

PTO (Power take-off) is a device that transmits power from a running engine or transmission to an application has no motor or engine power. In most cases, these applications used a drive shaft and bolted joint to transmit power to a secondary implement or accessory, such as dump truck hydraulic unit, fire truck water pumps, garbage truck compression unit, etc. PTOs are commonly used in agricultural equipment, trucks and commercial vehicles, and they can also be found on industrial and marine engines.

Suitable PTO gasket (power take-off gasket) selection helps reduce running noise and provides a barrier to leaks. Therefore, material choice is important. Our PTO gasket’s primary material is RCM (Rubber-coated metal).

We are expanding and manufacturing PTO Gaskets (Power take-off Gaskets) for engines such as:

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PTO Mounting Gasket

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