MJ Gasket – MATS 2024 Post Show Report

Blog 2024.04.09
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MJ Gasket participated in the 2024 MATS, Mid-America Trucking Show held at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, KY. which is globally recognized as the premier annual trade show for heavy-duty trucking industry. With over 70,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors worldwide, MATS provided an unparalleled platform for MJ Gasket to showcase its latest gaskets while engaging with industry peers, suppliers, customers, and prospects face-to-face.


MJ Booth Product Showcase Highlight

Diverse Applications of Exhibited Gasket Samples

MJ has been developing high-quality aftermarket gaskets for the North American heavy-duty engine industry. Notably, the samples exhibited this time showcase our commitment to quality, featuring products such as the VGT Actuator Seal Kit for Cummins ISX15, Oil Cooler Gasket for Detroit Diesel DD15, and Oil Pan Sleeve for Caterpillar C15 Engine. These products exemplify our commitment to excellence, with some popular samples selling out during the event as customers recognize our superior quality.

The mentioned products are just a few examples of our offerings. Visit our Product page to explore our full product line for various heavy-duty engines.

What’s also popular from MJ Booth?


Apart from the mentioned products, we’re proud to present our top-selling gaskets: the Injector O-ring Kit for DD S60 and Turbocharger gaskets for Paccar MX13. These gaskets are essential for ensuring smooth engine operations and are highly sought-after in the market. We’re here to support you and your clients by providing top-quality solutions. Don’t wait any longer—get your sample set today to kickstart your projects with confidence!

See more injector Oring and Turbocharger Gaskets here!

Frequently Asked Questions at MATS 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our return to the show was a resounding success, we certainly felt a warm welcome from all the visitors and our fellow exhibitors. Before concluding, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions from the event, which we’ll share below.

Q1. Do you have warehouses in the states?
A. No, our factory is located in Taiwan, and we ship gaskets directly from Taiwan.

Q2. Do you offer gaskets for automotive engines?
A. No, we primarily offer gaskets for heavy-duty engines and some pickup truck engines.

Q3. Do you have a catalog?
A. We post all our products on our website. Visit our Product Page or search the part numbers directly in the search bar.

More questions you may have, please visit our FAQ page, see you next year!