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Turbo Gasket

A turbo (turbocharger) system increases internal combustion and engine efficiency and generates extra power from the engine. It is commonly used in engines of trucks, cars, construction equipment, etc.

The turbo gasket (turbocharger gasket) is crucial for a turbo system. The gasket must withstand high temperature and extra stress while an engine operates. Without the turbo gasket (turbocharger gasket), the turbo (turbocharger) may not receive extra power or even lower efficiency. Besides, the turbo gasket can prevent the components from rubbing together. To help ensure your engine continues to work as expected.

Turbo gaskets are usually made from sandwich type or multi/single-layer of steel and are coated in aluminum to reflect heat. We manufacture Turbo Gaskets (Turbocharger Gaskets) for engines such as:

  • Caterpillar – C12, C13, C15, C16, C18, C27, 3126, 3406, 3408, 3412, 3456
  • Cummins – ISL, ISX, ISX12, ISB, QSB, QSK60, K38, K50, 6L8.9, ISC8.3
  • Detroit Diesel – S60, DD15
  • General Motors – Duramax 6.6L/LB7 6.6L
  • John Deere – 6090
  • Navistar – DT466E, DT530
  • Volvo – D9, D12, D13, D16

Turbo (Turbocharger) System Products: Turbo Actuator Gasket
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44 Products Found

5241420680 Turbo Gasket for MTU

20781146 Turbo Gasket for Volvo

2106210PE Turbo Exhaust Gasket for Paccar

1883181C1 Turbo Mounting Gasket for Navistar

1836474C2 Turbo Gasket for Navistar

1833007C1 Turbo Mounting Gasket for Navistar

1822120C1 Turbo Gasket for Navistar

590GB48 Turbo Gasket for Mack

590GB1189A Turbo Mounting Gasket for Mack

6131-11-5170 Turbo Gasket for Komatsu

R521158 Turbo Oil Return Line Gasket for John Deere

12637218 Turbo Oil Inlet Gasket for General Motors

BL3Z-9450-B Turbo Gasket for Ford

BL3Z-9450-C Turbo Gasket for Ford

BL3Z-9450-A Catalytic Converter Gasket for Ford

BL3Z-6N652-B Turbo Oil Line Gasket for Ford

4132602 Turbo Gasket for Deutz

A4730960280 Turbo Mounting Gasket for Detroit Diesel

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