Materials for Turbocharger Gaskets

Products 2021.03.26
MLS material
Turbocharger is an important device to increase engine internal combustion and engine’s efficiency. To make turbocharger works, the turbo gaskets are crucial, the gaskets need to endure high temperature and high pressure. The top 3 materials for turbocharger gaskets are sandwich type, multi-layer steel with or without MOS2 coating and single-layer steel with embossing.

Materials for Turbocharger Gasket

Sandwich type gasket Multi-layer Steel Gasket Single Layer Steel Gasket

Sandwich type

Two layers of thin steels with soft middle layer of core material like graphite or non-asbestos.

Multi-layer steel with/
without MOS2 Coating

MLS is two to seven layers of different thickness steels; MOS coating can make the steels resist heat and pressure more.

Single-layer steel with embossing

Single layer steel is simple but when it is with embossing, the embossing reinforces the steel to work.

Turbocharger Gasket

The material of the below turbo gaskets is steel with MOS2 coating, these gaskets are for Holset turbos.

Volvo 21007187 and 20781146 Turbo Gaskets Cummins 3102314 Turbo Mounting Gasket Detroit Diesel A4730960280 Turbo Mounting Gasket


Turbo Gaskets


Turbo Mounting Gasket

Detroit Diesel

Turbo Mounting Gasket

Turbo Actuator Gasket

We also offer turbo actuator gaskets for Holset variable geometry turbo actuators.

4045389 VGT Turbo Actuator Gasket 4040252 Turbocharger Actuator Mounting Gasket MJ ISXB12 Holset VGT Actuator Seal Kit for Cummins
VGT Turbo Actuator Gasket
Turbo Actuator
Mounting Gasket
VGT Turbo Actuator Housing Gasket kit
We use OEM part numbers, if you are interested in any turbo gaskets, please feel free to contact us now.