Steel with Advanced Coating | Custom Gaskets Material

Steel with Advanced Coating | Custom Gaskets Material

To solve your sealing problems, we have various coating for your needs, such as MoS2, Ceramic and Rubber. MoS2 Coating is a kind of chemical compound which can endure the pressure and high temperature. There are a lot of multi-layer steel gaskets coated with MoS2 to resist heat and pressure.

In addition, MOS Coating, ceramic coating can also be used on the gaskets. Gasket coated with ceramic also performs well. Also, we have rubber coating. Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) and Fluoroelastomer Rubber (FKM) are the most common rubber for rubber coated metal, the heat resistance of NBR is around 150°C, the heat resistance of FKM is up to 250°C, both rubber materials reinforce the steel to perform well in hard working environment.

And we have other type of rubber coated called Foamet. Foamet is steel core with foamet coating. The Foamet materials are widely used for different applications such as marine engines, agricultural engines, truck engines, hydraulic pumps.

Important Note: Our main products are aftermarket replacement gaskets and related components for heavy-duty diesel engines. A minimum order quantity (MOQ) may be required for a quote.

Steel with Advanced Coating