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Crankcase Breather Gasket

A crankcase breather (crankcase ventilation/oil mist separator) filter is part of an engine crankcase ventilation system that separates oil and mist from the exhaust gases to reduce air pollution. The device can be used in trucks, marines, agriculture, and gensets. Available for medium-duty, heavy-duty, and some engines over 16 liters.

When you repair a failure crankcase breather with oil leak symptoms, you should also replace its gasket to prevent it from happening again. The material of the crankcase breather gasket (crankcase ventilation/oil separator gasket) could be rubber and metal with advanced coating.

We manufacture Crankcase Breather Gaskets (Crankcase Ventilation Gaskets/Oil Separator Gaskets) for engines such as:

  • Caterpillar – CT11, CT13, C9.3
  • Detroit Diesel – DD13, DD15, DD16, S60
  • Volvo – D9, D11, D12, D13, D16
  • Mack – MP7, MP8, MP10
  • Navistar – MaxxForce 7.6L/9.3L/11/13

Learn more: Crankcase Breather Maintenance – Diesel Engine: Why does it leak?
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21 Products Found

R529465 Crankcase Breather Gasket for John Deere

DZ102023 Crankcase Breather Gasket for John Deere

85111138 Seal for Volvo

85111137 Seal for Volvo

21976104 O-ring Kit for Volvo, Mack

20866262 Crankcase Breather Gasket for Volvo

3015716C1 Breather To Oil Module Gasket for Navistar

2517271C91 Breather Seals & Bolts Kit for Navistar

1876922C91 Breather To Block Seal Kit for Navistar

3999820 Crankcase Breather Gasket for Cummins

20532891 Oil Separator Gasket for Volvo

MJ-2A0351 Breather Seal for Navistar

MJ-2A0551 Breather Seal for Navistar

MJ-2A0451 Breather Seal for Navistar

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