Sandwich Type Gaskets | Custom Gaskets Material

Sandwich Type Gaskets | Custom Gaskets Material

When you see “sandwich” first we think about the food we eat every day, two breads on the top and the bottom, in between, you can choose the filling as you like. When we apply the same rule on the gasket, it became sandwich type gasket. The bread is the metal on the outer layer, we have S301, S430, S410 and more available, as for the filling, we have the choice of non-asbestos or graphite. But one feature that the real food does not have is “the edge”.

Most of the sandwich type gaskets have closed edge, but the way to close it is unique, the top layer metal sheet is wrapped directly on the edge of the bottom layer, the bottom layer is then wrapped back on the edge of the top layer metal, leave the felling secured in the middle.

All those materials, techniques, features mentioned above are all for one purpose, to make the gaskets survive under the high-pressure and high temperature environment, as sandwich type gasket normally apply on turbo gasket, exhaust gasket and cylinder head gasket.

Sandwich Type
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