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Cylinder Head Gasket

The cylinder head gasket sits between the engine block and cylinder head, the most critical gasket in your engine. It seals the cylinders’ firing pressure and prevents coolant and engine oil from leaking into the cylinders and outside.

The cause of a blown or damaged head gasket is often a result of an engine that has gotten too hot. It makes the cylinder head’s expansion and distortion and prevents gasket from sealing properly. If the head gasket is blown, you may notice a few or all of the symptoms such as engine overheating, white smoke coming from the tailpipe, a chocolate milk-looking oil, loss of Power accompanied by a sound like an exhaust leak, etc.

The cylinder head gasket must withstand the ability to survive under high temperature and high-pressure environments and must withstand various chemical gas/liquid. Therefore, graphite is one of the most commonly used materials for manufacturing cylinder head gaskets. Graphite has excellent flexibility for high pressure and can endure heat up to 450 Celsius. Also, cylinder head gaskets materials could be steel, MLS and metal bonded with rubber.

We manufacture Cylinder Head Gaskets for engines such as:

  • Caterpillar – C9, C10, C12, C13, C15, D346, D348, 3306, 3500
  • Cummins – ISX, ISB, ISZ12, ISZ13, QSK60, QSK19, 6CT, Onan generator
  • Detroit Diesel – S50, S60, DD13, DD15, DD16, OM904, OM906
  • Navistar – MaxxForce 7/13/DT466
  • MTU – Series 60, Series 396, Series 2000, Series 4000

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39 Products Found

5240161580 Cylinder Head Gasket for MTU

RE543671 Cylinder Head Gasket for John Deere

YM129902-01331 Cylinder Head Gasket for Yanmar

YM123907-01350 Cylinder Head Gasket for Yanmar

YM123900-01340 Cylinder Head Gasket for Yanmar

1932890PE Cylinder Head Gasket for Paccar

X53604200005 Inner Sealing Plate for MTU

X53604200004 Outer Sealing Plate for MTU

X52404200037 Cylinder Head Gasket for MTU

X52404200063 Cylinder Head Gasket for MTU

X00029801 Cylinder Head Gasket for MTU

5550161420 Cylinder Head Gasket for MTU

6134-11-1810 Cylinder Head Gasket for Komatsu

R116516 Cylinder Head Gasket for John Deere

4133157 Cylinder Head Gasket for Deutz

4125491 Cylinder Head Gasket for Deutz

4975249 Cylinder Head Gasket for Cummins

3649981 Cylinder Head Gasket for Cummins

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