Metal / Plastic Bonded with Rubber | Custom Gaskets Material

Metal / Plastic Bonded with Rubber | Custom Gaskets Material

Rubber to metal bonding, rubber is mechanically bonded to metal during the rubber molding process. The process offers a simple and effective way of bonding multiple types of rubber to a surfaces. Therefore, it is an ideal process for manufacturing parts.

One of the Rubber-to-Metal Bonded types is Over Molded Steel Gaskets, this type is exceptionally strong and durable. Over Molded Steel Gaskets have not only the flexibility of rubber, but also the stability of a metal.

Carrier gasket, it is a gasket with an elastomer seal bonded to a plastic or metal carrier. It can applied in cylinder head gasket, exhaust gasket, oil pan gasket, and most other gaskets that require high temperature and pressure resistance.

MJ provides various materials for rubber and metal that you can choose.

  • Metal: Stainless Steel- S301, S430, S410

We can make with sizes up to 1.6 metres to meet your requirements. As you can see the gasket in our website, our rubber bonded metal/plastic gasket not only remove flashing & burr, but also have a good sealing ability.

Rubber Bonded with Metal Plastic
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