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Valve Cover Gasket

In an internal combustion engine, valve covers (rocker covers) are bolted on over rocker arms. The valve cover gasket is an essential motor component designed to protect cylinder head hardware from the elements and prevent oil leaks from the engine during operation.

If the valve cover gasket (rocker cover gasket) becomes damaged, it can no longer seal between the oil and the valve cover. Then, debris and small particles could get between the pistons and the cylinders, causing wear and tear to the engine. Moreover, if engine oil leaks, metal could grind against metal, shortening the engine’s life and even leading to serious problems.

A few symptoms will indicate a potential issue with a bad or failing valve cover gasket (rocker cover gasket). For example, you get a burning oil smell or your engine being low on oil happens frequently or running rough. If any of these signs occur, you should maintain your auto as soon as possible.

Compare to the oil pan gasket, the temperature the valve cover is in is relatively high. Therefore, the materials to manufacture valve cover gaskets (rocker cover gaskets) must withstand high temperatures. Usually, the valve cover gaskets are made from rubber, such as FKM and AEM. We manufacture Valve Cover Gaskets (Rocker Cover Gaskets) for engines such as:

  • Caterpillar – C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C15, C27, C32, 3500
  • Cummins – QSK19, ISX, ISX12, ISM, ISZ13, QSM, QSZ, QSK45
    Detroit Diesel – S60, DD13, DD15
  • Ford – 6.0L PowerStroke
  • General Motors – Duramax 6.6L/LLY 6.6L
  • MTU – Series 60, Series 396, Series 2000, Series 4000
  • Navistar – MaxxForce 7/DT466, VT365
  • Volvo – D11, D13

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32 Products Found

2870214 Valve Cover Gasket for Cummins

20804638 Valve Cover Gasket for Volvo

1838250C1 Valve Cover Gasket for Navistar

1836517C1 Valve Cover Gasket for Navistar

5279970345 Valve Cover Gasket for MTU

557647 Valve Cover Gasket for Jenbacher

3C3Z-6584-AA Valve Cover Gasket for Ford

4133138 Valve Cover Gasket for Deutz

4133129 Valve Cover Gasket for Deutz

4123406 Valve Cover Gasket for Deutz

A4720160680 Camshaft Housing Seal for Detroit Diesel

A4720160121 Valve Cover Gasket for Detroit Diesel

23527416 Camshaft Cover Seal for Detroit Diesel

5272959 Rocker Housing Seal Ring Gasket for Cummins

4999778 Valve Cover Gasket for Cummins

4973102 Rocker Lever Housing Gasket for Cummins

3332034 Camshaft Cover Gasket for Cummins

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