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HPOP Gasket

There are different fuel injection systems for diesel engines, such as common rail, EUI system, HEUI (hydraulically electronic unit injection) system, etc. The HEUI system uses engine oil to make fuel injectors work.

HPOP (High pressure oil pump) is for HEUI system; it enables fuel injectors to fire by pressurizing engine oil.

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine and getting enough oil pumped into your engine is important. The HPOP gasket (high pressure oil pump gasket) ensures the system can effectively work and has no leakage issues. The common materials for HPOP gasket (high pressure oil pump gasket) are rubber, metal bonded with rubber and RCM.

We manufacture HPOP Gaskets (High Pressure Oil Pump Gaskets) for engines such as:

  • Caterpillar – C7, C9, 3126B, 3116, 3408
  • Navistar – 7.3L, DT466, DT466E, DT530
  • Ford – 7.3L

Fuel Injection System Products: Fuel Injector Seal, Fuel Pump Gasket
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13 Products Found

1837998C1 Oil Pump Cover Gasket for Navistar

1836005C1 Seal for Navistar

1831316C2 Oil Reservoir W/Filter Screen Gasket for Navistar

1825685C1 Pump Gasket for Navistar

1825163C2 Pump Flange Gasket for Navistar

1823670C1 Oil Reservoir Early Gasket for Navistar

YC3Z-6619-BA Oil Reservoir W/Filter Screen Gasket

F6TZ-9417-AA Pump Flange Gasket for Ford

3C3Z-6619-EA Oil Pump Cover Gasket for Ford

A4710780280 High Pressure Fuel Flange Gasket for Detroit Diesel

MJ-367712 Fuel Pump Gasket for Caterpillar

MJ-374741 Fuel Pump Gasket for Caterpillar

MJ-367611 HEUI Pump Gasket for Caterpillar

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