Why Do You Need An Oversized Head Gasket?

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Why Do You Need An Oversized Head Gasket

Cylinder head gaskets come in different thicknesses. Typically there is a standard thickness head gasket, and you will find several oversized head gaskets, they look almost identical. Some use notches or different materials on the oversized head gaskets to identify the thicknesses.

Using the head gasket with the wrong thickness may cause the engine to fail.Knowing when to use the right oversized head gasket is crucial, and here is why.

Find out what MJ Gasket has to offer for oversized head gaskets.

What’s the purpose of an oversized head gasket?

An oversized head gasket can be used to correct issues with improper deck height or cylinder head warpage. If the engine block or cylinder head has been machined, or if the engine has overheated and caused warping, an oversized head gasket can help to restore proper compression and sealing between the cylinder head and engine block.

Another case is if you are building a high-performance engine. An oversized head gasket is used to increase the compression ratio in an engine by filling the gap between the cylinder head and the engine block.This is often done in high-performance engines where a higher compression ratio is desired for increased power output.

Is an oversized head gasket necessary?

No, an oversized head gasket is not necessary for most engines. In most engines, a properly sized standard head gasket will provide a proper seal between the cylinder head and engine block, and will not negatively affect performance or reliability.

Installing an oversized head gasket in an engine that does not require it can actually have negative effects on performance and reliability, so it is important to consult with a qualified mechanic or engine builder to determine if an oversized head gasket is needed for your engine.

MJ Gasket offers oversized head gaskets for Cummins engines.

An oversized head gasket is vital to an engine. You need a proper head gasket to do its job in a running engine. Therefore, MJ Gasket is here for you.

For Cummins N14/NT855

For Cummins K19

For Cummins ISB5.9L

If you are looking for other oversized head gaskets for different brands and engine models, please send us the OEM numbers, or contact us by email or the button below.

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