Replacement Gasket for Caterpillar C15 Engines.

If you are going to repair C15 engines, you will need some replacement parts. In this article, you could learn more engine gaskets of Caterpillar C15 from MJ Gasket.
For example, use valve cover gasket 2429537 and oil pan gasket 1685248.
Also, if you are looking for the exhaust sleeve 2818261, we use one-piece molding technology to make it which means there are no leak issues and fitting problems since no welding point.

Caterpillar C15 engines could be used in various fields, including industries, agriculture and marine. Every sealing parts can be found in MJ Gasket, including bolt and screw…etc.

1685248 Isolation Seal for Caterpillar

2429537 Valve Cover Gasket for Caterpillar

2893108 Gasket for Caterpillar
Valve Cover Bolt for Caterpillar
2818261 Sleeve As Exhaust Gasket for Caterpillar
more info about 2818261

Applications for Marine PHE Gaskets

MJ Gasket is offering plate heat exchanger gaskets for Caterpillar marine engines. The material – elastomer is working excellently to seal between plates and plates.

1255595 PHE Gasket for Caterpillar

1255594 PHE Gasket for Caterpillar

If you don’t find the gaskets which you are looking for, there is another way, contact us directly and we will solve your problems. In MJ, make your own gaskets is not as hard as you think. Do new development products are our profession.

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