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Uses of Valve Seal

Unlike other seals in the engine, valve seal (valve stem seal) plays an essential role in lubrication. They control the amount of oil passing through the sealing lips to lubricate the interface between the valve stem and the valve guide of an engine. Too much oil would lead the engine to lose power or cause engine failure. Too little oil, which the valve would be not sufficiently lubricated and become worn.

When valve seals begin to wear or fail, there are some obvious and unique symptoms such as producing a blueish smoke out of the tailpipe when starting the engine, no oil leaks are found but noticeable oil reduction, etc.

Because of the high-temperature resistance requirement of valve seals, we manufacture the seals with FKM material, and it can resist the heat up to 250°C. We manufacture Valve Seals (Valve Stem Seals) for engines such as:

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Valve Stem Seal
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Valve Seal

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