MJ GASKET – the Automec Show 2019 Post Show Report

Blog 2019.07.26
MJ GASKET – the Automec Show 2019

MJ GASKET is honored to participate 14th Automec Show –as an exhibitor. The Automec Show opened during April 23-27, 2019 in São Paulo, Brazil. This show is the leading event for discovering the latest advancements in aftermarket products and finding new business opportunities in Brazil. It’s MJ’s first time to exhibit in Brazil and we are trying to expand more business in Latin America. Keep exploring clients in Latin America is MJ’s new target in 2019 and it’s a meaningful experience for us. We met many clients here and found more potential changes as planned.

MJ GASKET in the Automec Show 2019

At the show, MJ presented gaskets for various brands of engines and devices with different gasket materials, such as head gaskets for MTU, Cummins, John Deere and Mercedes-Benz, hydraulic gasket for Eaton Vickers, exhaust gasket for Caterpillar, etc. Moreover, the coating of hydraulic pump gaskets and air brake compressor gaskets attract visitors well. The PHE gaskets with different rubber material has the same effect. There are so many visitors have a strong curiosity about our products, including some Brazil exhibitors. During the five-day exhibition, we found that the crowds of each day are endless, which shows us a huge and unlimited business opportunity of auto parts in the Brazilian market.

MJ GASKET's display gaskets in the Automec Show 2019

There are many purchasers, distributors, suppliers to visit our booth in the show and we both truly have a great conversation. We exchange and discuss some specific engines and even talk about MJ could custom gasket if needed. For those who have made an appointment with us before starting the exhibition, all of them already got the useful information. We believe this show is quite a great opportunity for us to get a deeper understanding of the auto parts market in Latin America, which will help us a lot for our future business development.

MJ GASKET's display gaskets in the Automec Show 2019

The sample “2818261” we presented at the show, it’s an overwhelming response due to its one-piece technology. Using the technic – no welding connection can save more extra cost than you think. It is easy to cause the tube burst by welding and lead to leaking; If the sleeve was broken, it can be very costly.

Time to wrap up a little here, Finally, MJ would like to say “obrigado” which means thank you in Portuguese to all people whom we talked to. Furthermore, we also expect the actual benefit of the show and hope that we will have the opportunity to participate in the show again in the future.

*This time we have come to Brazil and deeply felt the enthusiasm of the Brazilians, we learned a few Portuguese sentences from them and it was very interesting.