Choose the Right Head Gasket For Your Cummins Engine

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Choose the Right Head Gasket For Your Cummins Engine

Detecting a blown Cummins head gasket involves monitoring coolant loss, exhaust smoke, and compression test results. Typically, a Cummins head gasket measures around 1.5mm to 2.0mm in thickness. Opting for a thicker head gasket can enhance durability and withstand higher cylinder pressures. Choosing between OEM and aftermarket depends on factors like budget, warranty, and performance requirements. Let’s get into the details.

How do I know if my Cummins head gasket is blown?

A failed truck engine head gasket can manifest various symptoms, and diagnosing the issue typically involves a combination of observation, testing, and inspection. We have published an article 3 Symptoms to Check Blown Head Gasket to check for a blown head gasket to provide more information. However, engine overheating, loss of fluid in the radiator, and white smoke from the exhaust are three of the most common symptoms you will notice when a head gasket is blown. When this occurs, replacing the gasket is a must-do. After searching online, you may find that there are many different thicknesses of Cummins head gaskets available. You might wonder, which one should I choose?

Why run a thicker head gasket?

We need to know the purpose of an oversized head gasket, we’ve covered why you need an oversized head gasket, discussing all the details about its purpose. In short, an oversized head gasket can be used to correct issues with improper deck height or cylinder head warpage. If the engine block or cylinder head has been machined, or if the engine has overheated and caused warping, an oversized head gasket can help to restore proper compression and sealing between the cylinder head and engine block.

Another scenario is when building a high-performance engine. An oversized head gasket is employed to increase the compression ratio in an engine by filling the gap between the cylinder head and the engine block. This is commonly done in high-performance engines where a higher compression ratio is desired for increased power output.

How thick is a Cummins head gasket?

In this section, we will introduce the head gaskets for the all-time favorite Cummins engines, 5.9L and 6.7L. We offer various oversized head gaskets to meet your needs, whether you are repairing your old engines or enhancing engine power.

For Cummins 5.9L, there are 3 different thicknesses of MLS(Multi-Layer Steel) head gaskets available from MJ Gasket:
1. 3958644, Standard, thickness 1.18mm, Grade A
2. 3958645, 0.10mm oversized, thickness 1.28mm, Grade B
3. 3978517, 0.50mm oversized, thickness 1.70mm, for Marine engines.

For Cummins 6.7L, there are 2 different thicknesses of MLS(Multi-Layer Steel) head gaskets available from MJ Gasket:
1. 4932210, Standard, thickness 1.2mm
2. 5271251, thickness 1.7mm

Now, a serious question, OEM or Aftermarket Cummins head gasket?

When choosing between OEM and aftermarket options, there are five factors to consider: Manufacturer reputation, Price, Quality, Product Performance, and Warranty.

Let’s break down what you can expect when purchasing from OEM and aftermarket suppliers. If you buy from the OEM, you can probably get 4 out of 5 of the following: Manufacturer, Quality, Product Performance, Warranty. It’s always safest to purchase from the source and the company responsible for making them in the first place. The only factor missing is the price. If budget is not your top priority, the OEM source will be your best option. However, there are various aftermarket suppliers available. Price will certainly be one of the factors, but what about Quality, Product Performance, and Warranty? I cannot give you a definitive answer, but what I can assure you is that MJ Gasket will meet at least 3 out of 5 criteria.

If you purchase from MJ, you can enjoy our Price, Quality, and Product Performance. If you can spend less money but have a gasket that functions just as well as the OEM, why not? The easiest way to find out is to get your MJ Gasket sample right now; no other words can justify that.


One thing I need to point out is that we do not offer a warranty. The way we handle this is by identifying the root cause of the gasket failure. If the problem is indeed caused by our gasket, we will take responsibility for it without any additional hassle. In the end, we are the ones who manufacture them, so MJ Gasket is just as responsible as the OEM. Now, you have our fourth factor: Manufacturer reputation.

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