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Sealing Washer

A sealing washer is a metal disk with a concentric hole. It is placed beneath a nut, an axle bearing, or a joint to support a fastener like a screw; also, it functions as a spacer or lock. The sealing washer provides greater protection to relieve friction, prevent leakage/loosening, isolate or distribute pressure.

Different types of sealing washers have their uses. For example, a star washer is helpful when the material is soft enough to allow the washer to adhere, and a flat washer is to disburse the compression of the nut or bolt freely, etc.

We supply bonded sealing washers and flat washers (plain washers). They are available with various materials: metal faces (steel, copper, aluminum, stainless, etc.) and rubber types (EPDM, neoprene). We manufacture Sealing Washers for engines such as:

  • Caterpillar – C9, C11, C13, C15, C27, C32, 3406E
  • Cummins – B Series, QSB, ISX, ISX15, QSM
  • Detroit Diesel – S60
  • General Motors – Duramax 6.6L, LB7 6.6L
  • MTU – S4000

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62 Products Found

947627 Copper Washer for Volvo

20852765 Sealing Washer for Volvo

1869224PE Washer for Paccar

0331333PE Copper Rings for Paccar

81867564 Washer for Case IH & New Holland

X59599100058 Washer for MTU

X00023888 Washer for MTU

0029977940 Sealing Washer for MTU

6732-21-5170 Washer for Komatsu

6217-71-6112 Copper Washer for Komatsu

R131051 Washer for John Deere

A4827R Washer for John Deere

A0000171560 Copper Washer for Detroit Diesel

69699 Plain Washer for Cummins

4984382 Washer for Cummins

4954944 Washer for Cummins

4944257 Sealing Washer for Cummins

4934278 Sealing Washer for Cummins

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