Manufacturing High-Quality Gaskets is Our First Priority

Manufacturing High-Quality Gaskets is our first priority

What is more important, price or quality?

We believe this question is most buyers’ first struggle when searching for a new engine gasket manufacturer.

High-Quality gaskets naturally last longer and cause fewer maintenance-related shutdowns. Don’t be greedy for cheapness, that will make you spend more money in the long run!

Why quality of the gasket is important?

The engine gaskets’ mission is to protect your engine and avoid the oil leaking that damages your engine and your career!

Therefore, while we reach new clients, we usually receive the following questions, like ‘How is your product quality?’, ‘Can you send me some samples to check the quality?’, ‘ Do you have a certification for your products?’.

Suppliers that really care about their customers love their feathers. They will choose High-Quality gaskets for their customers not only to get more satisfaction but also improve their reputation.

High-Quality Gaskets is our first priority

We completely understand your concerns, and what you care about is our first priority. Therefore, we are committed to manufacture High-Quality gaskets. Let us show you the differences between Graphite Cylinder Head Gasket from other aftermarket version and MJ version.


The Main Body

MJ-Engine Gasket-The Main Body Other-Engine Gasket-The Main Body
▽ MJ Version
Layers: 5 layers
Density of perforated surface: High
Burrs: Sharp and clean
△ Other Aftermarket Version
Layers: 4 layers
Density of perforated surface: Low
Burrs: Burrs on every part


Assembly Material Quality

MJ-Engine Gasket-Assembly material quality Other-Engine Gasket-Assembly material quality
MJ Version
Material of mounting parts: FKM
Gap between main body and parts: Standard
△ Other Aftermarket Version
Material of mounting parts: Silicone
Gap between main body and parts: Big Gap


Fire Ring

MJ-Engine Gasket-Fire ring Other-Engine Gasket-Fire ring
▽ MJ Version
New style / Movable
Inner ring: 
One spot finish welding point
△ Other Aftermarket Version
Old style / Fixed in place
Inner ring: After welding, grind to be smooth

From the comparison above, we’re sure​ that you can totally understand what is High-Quality gaskets.

Our quality can compete with OEM or even better. We always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to optimize products. See how do we use one-piece molding to avoid leak issues and fitting problems.

We believe that the OEM ones will be just fine, but if you are looking for safer and cost-efficient replacement parts, MJ is the one who cares the most about your concerns. If you have any questions about your engine gaskets, welcome to contact us. Let’s solve the problems together!

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