Gasket Manufacturer for Aftermarket and Custom Gasket

Installing gasket seal

MJ Gasket is a gasket manufacturer specializing in high pressure gaskets and high temperature gaskets for a wide range of industries. We have outstanding manufacturing technology, provide reliable aftermarket gaskets, and custom your gasket.

We understand that the gasket’s tight dimensional tolerances and thicknesses are critical. In pursuit of quality and precision, we continue to invest in new technologies and equipment. Advanced technology provides reliable products!

Gasket Manufacturing Technology

You can’t make the right products without suitable materials and techniques. Jerry-building is not allowed for a professional gasket manufacturer. The combination of our materials and well-knowledge technicians makes MJ Gasket excellent at one thing – Manufacturing High-Quality Gaskets.

Our gasket manufacturing technology includes:

Die Cutting

Die cutting is a precise process that uses tight tolerances and exacting standards in which you use a machine to cut out shapes. The advantage of die cutting is “dies” are reusable; they can keep the costs down and be more efficient.

CNC Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a technology that uses laser beams to vaporize materials, resulting in a cut edge. CNC laser cutting uses a computer to control laser directions so that it is more elaborate and precise, and the processes leave edges with a high-quality surface finish. We also have laser marking technology that marks or labels gasket with a laser beam.

Rubber Molding

The process of rubber molding is to use the plasticity of rubber. The first step is to heat the rubber and then use pressure to mold and form the shape to make rubber products. The most common forming methods we use are compression molding and injection molding.


Laminating is the combination of different materials through heat, pressure, and strengthening the product. One of the materials that use lamination technology the most in gasket manufacturing is graphite sheets for graphite gaskets.

Aftermarket Gasket Manufacturing

MJ Gasket develops not only our technology but also our product field.

We continue to develop different types of gaskets for diesel engines and their related devices, hoping to meet the needs of each customer. Types of engine gaskets we manufacture include:

Custom Gasket Manufacturing

MJ Gasket keeps expanding the knowledge of gasket materials to achieve the best sealing. We build up reputation and customer trust by making and offering high-quality aftermarket gaskets for big liter engines clients for years. We are excellent at manufacturing high-temperature and high-pressure devices gaskets for engines and various pumps.

High technique standard is not the only factor that makes MJ Gasket trustworthy. We insist on using high-quality raw materials to provide you with the perfect gaskets and cooperate with responsible raw material suppliers, such as Wolverine Advanced Materials, for a long time.

We specialize in hard gaskets for all industries; below material types are our specialties:

Do you want custom gasket manufacturing? Provide drawings, samples, or numbers; we can deliver it!

What is even better to be a partner with MJ Gasket? We offer below extra services for you to really complete your orders,

  • custom marking on your gaskets, printed or laser marking
  • custom packaging with or without your own branding
  • custom gasket kits as you requested

Your Best Choice for Gasket Manufacturer

Gaskets are inconspicuous but essential, and they are the key to preventing more significant damage; therefore, it is vital to choose a qualified and reliable gasket manufacturer.

MJ Gasket started our business in the early 1980s and always focuses on gaskets for heavy-duty engines and related devices, committing to providing the best gaskets. Also, MJ Gasket has obtained the affirmation of ISO 9001:2015 certification for five consecutive years and is also a GFA certified gasket manufacturer, worthy of your trust! We have already served hundreds of customers for a wide range of industries worldwide. Some industries that use our gaskets are agriculture, heavy-duty, medium-duty, construction, mining, or even marine.

Even we have rich experience in the gasket field, we constantly focus on developing and exploring new areas to put our efforts into. As our tagline, we keep our hearts open and embrace change at all times, hoping that one day we can make your gaskets come to life.

MJ Gasket is a gasket manufacturer from Taiwan, but we have rich experience in exporting. No matter where you are, we have a way to deliver the gasket to you safely. Depending on the weight and the quantity of your shipment, we can ship by sea, air, or courier. We accept your appointed forwarder, or you can ship with the forwarder that we cooperate with.

We have taken great pride in our ability to provide high-quality gaskets and quality solutions for our customers’ needs.

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